Assistive Technology Resources in Minnesota

Are you looking for organizations that provide assistance with assistive technology in Minnesota? If so, you've come to the right place. This article will provide an overview of the various resources available in the state, including the Minnesota STAR Program, Mercarik, ARRM Technology Resource Center, AbleLink, CAP, ATIA, MACIL, ATAP, Pacer Center and Simon Technology Center (STC), Cadan Assistive Technologies, and more. The Minnesota STAR Program is the state's Assistive Technology Act program and a program of the Department of Management. It offers a range of resources for people with disabilities in all contexts and circumstances.

Mercarik is an assistive technology consultancy that specializes in evaluating, designing systems, and implementing technologies to improve the lives and independence of people with diverse physical, intellectual, or age-related challenges. The ARRM Technology Resource Center is Minnesota's leading source of information on how to evaluate, plan, fund, and implement various forms of technology support. It provides resources and tools to empower educators, professionals, and parents alike to deepen their knowledge of assistive technology, best practices, and implementation strategies. AbleLink is a provider of intelligent life technologies that specifically address the significant need for research-based cognitive support technologies for people with cognitive disabilities and those suffering from cognitive impairment.

CAP works closely with service members across the country to ensure they receive the right assistive technology for their needs. The use of assistive technology is introduced during recovery and rehabilitation in military treatment centers. ATIA is the leading organization of manufacturers, vendors, and suppliers of products, equipment, and assistive technology (AT) systems that improve the learning, work, and daily lives of people with disabilities. MACIL services include information and referral, demonstration of assistive technology, evaluation, consultation, device lending and more.

ATAP promotes collaboration between AT programs for people with disabilities, providers, industry, advocates and others at the state and national levels to increase the availability and use of information technology (IT) and assistive technology (AT) devices and services accessible to all people with disabilities in the United States and its territories.The Pacer Center and Simon Technology Center (STC) are dedicated to making the benefits of technology more accessible to children and adults with disabilities. Cadan Assistive Technologies has been supporting the community with special needs for more than 30 years by providing assistive technology devices such as alternative input devices, switches, amplified phones, augmentative devices, keyboards with large keys and large letters, braille displays and software.Finally, STAR's mission is to help all Minnesotans with disabilities access and acquire the assistive technology they need to live, learn, work and play.

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