Accessing Assistive Technology in Minnesota: A Guide

Welcome to the Minnesota Assistive Technology Guide. Assistive Technology (AT) is a powerful tool that helps people of all ages with disabilities and older adults to reach their full potential. There are many ways to learn more about and test out AT, and Minnesota STAR (a technology system for achieving results) is a great place to start. This state program provides access to AT equipment, as well as helping people with disabilities sell or exchange AT devices.

For more information, contact STAR or one of its regional partners. Accessibility Resources also offers a variety of assistive technologies for students to use. AT can help people with disabilities and older adults increase, maintain, or improve their independence at home, school, work, and in their communities. In the workplace, employers can obtain assistive technology (AT) adaptations.

The Minnesota Assistive Technology Guide and A Technology for Achieving Results (STAR) can help you find programs that can help you pay for your technology. This website is designed to increase knowledge about assistive technology and provide information that will help you consider, select, acquire and use it effectively.

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