Assistive Technology in Minnesota: What You Need to Know

Are you looking for ways to increase your independence and improve your quality of life? Assistive technology (AT) can help people of all ages with disabilities and older adults to do just that. But what types of AT are available in Minnesota? In this article, we'll explore the different types of assistive technology available in the state, as well as how to access them.ResourceGamers, Apple Accessibility, AppleVIS, Android Accessibility, Chromebook Accessibility, Inclusive Android, Microsoft Accessibility, and MN IT Accessibility are all programs that provide access to assistive technology. Minnesota STAR (a technology system for achieving results) is a state program that shows and lends AT equipment, in addition to helping people with disabilities sell or exchange AT devices. For more information, contact STAR or one of STAR's regional partners.The purpose of this site is to increase knowledge about assistive technology and to provide information that will help you consider, select, acquire and use assistive technology.

Assistive Technology: Evaluation encompasses the assessment of the person's need for assistive devices, including software. In these types of situations, employers can obtain a type of adaptation called assistive technology (AT).The parent agency can only bill for assistive technology services after the date the person is discharged from the institution and enrolled in the DD exemption. If the person uses an electronic tablet as part of an environmental control system and as an augmentative communication device, the device is funded through the assistive technology exemption service. The lead agency can authorize and provide assistive technology before a person is discharged from an institution if the person is expected to be discharged and enrolled in the DD exemption.

Testing Assistive Technology

There are some good ways to learn more about and test assistive technology.

For more information, contact STAR or one of STAR's regional partners.


Assistive technology can be a great way to increase independence and improve quality of life. There are many types of AT available in Minnesota, from ResourceGamers to Apple Accessibility. If you're interested in learning more about or testing AT, contact Minnesota STAR or one of its regional partners.

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