What Does an Assistive Technology Advisor Do?

Assistive technology evaluators are experts who specialize in assistive technology. To be qualified, they must have a relevant university degree or equivalent. An AT advisor can be an associate health professional, an incontinence nurse, a rehabilitation engineer, an AT mentor, or other qualified professional. They provide advice and support to help people identify the most appropriate AT solution for their needs.

LifeTec Queensland shares the skills and knowledge that enable people to choose the most appropriate assistive technology for their needs. They provide a risk table for the assistive technology products that explains the different levels of AT risk. This helps people understand the minimum level of advice and support they need when choosing AT. Allied health professionals, incontinence nurses, orientation and mobility specialists, and professional rehabilitation engineers meet this requirement in their area of expertise in assistive technology.The guide to low-cost support technology (DOCX 71 KB) helps people understand the amount of funding they may need to purchase low-cost AT.

The fact sheet Understanding Evidence, Advice, Evaluations, and Quotes on Assistive Technology provides information on what people should do when selecting AT. CATS has speech pathologists and occupational therapists with a high level of experience in assistive technology. Sometimes, a doctor or specialist may have enough experience in assistive technology to give advice about what is needed.Advice should be provided by an assistive technology advisor before purchasing a funded item in a plan. Assistive technology is equipment or devices that help people do things they can't do because of their disability.

The Understanding Assistive Technology: Evidence, Advice, Evaluations and Quotes (DOCX 66 KB) also contains information on the tests that must be submitted for the AT to be approved in a plan and what should be done before buying AT. The World Health Organization (WHO) is looking for experts to be part of the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) on Assistive Technology (AT).The Assistive Technology: A Guide to Financing Tests and Minor Rentals (DOCX 61 KB) contains more information on how the NDIS calculates the funds it should include in its short-term rental plan or minor AT tests.

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